Silverstone Tyres Warranty Claim Policy


This warranty claim policy applies to Passenger Car Tyres, Light Truck Tyres, Truck Tyres, Industrial Tyres and Agriculture Tyres (excluding Motorsport Tyres) bearing the name of ‘Silverstone’ with approved serial numbers which were manufactured within FIVE (5) years.

Any warranty claim must be supported with evidence of manufacturing defect whereupon Silverstone reserves the right to reject any warranty claim for lack of evidence in support of manufacturing defect.

1. Tyres damages by road hazards (kerbing damage, cuts, snags, punctures, bruises, impact breaks and etc.), chemical exposure, fire, accidents, corrosion, vandalism or any other natural causes.

2. Tyres damaged due to improper inflation pressure or usage of unsuitable or faulty rims, valves, tubes and flaps or having been run flat.

3. Tyres with premature or irregular wear or tear due to:

i ) Improper handling including overloading, improper inflation pressure, non rotation of tyre position, wheel imbalance and etc.
ii) Vehicle faults including defective components, improper suspension, alignment or misalignment, faulty shock absorbers or brakes and etc.

4. Tyres damaged due to improper mounting or other abuse.

5. Tyres damaged due to wrong application, modification, racing, motorsport or other illegal activities.

6. Tyres worn up to 1.6 mm or less of remaining groove depth.

7. Tyres which have been retreaded or repaired or regrooved.

8. Tyres noise due to irregular wear.

9. Tyres suffered flat spot while immobile.

All obligations or liabilities for loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use of vehicle or other incidental or consequential damages are excluded.

  1. All customers or owners must present the  tyre for warranty claim together with the vehicle on which it was used to an authorised Silverstone retail tyre dealer.
  2. Any cost of mounting, balancing, alignment and other service charges are payable by the customer or owner.


  1. The verification and final judgment of the claim tyres’ warranty shall be made by Silverstone’s representative or person authorized by Silverstone Berhad.
  2. The computation of the amount for compensation will be calculated on a pro-rated basis, based on the effective remaining groove depth subject to a minimum of 1.6 mm.
  3. All compensated tyres which have been claimed shall become the property of Silverstone Berhad.