The Science of full contact

At Silverstone, pushing the technology of tyre engineering forward is what drives us. And years of exhaustive research and development have led us to the discovery of the science of full contact.

Every tyre has a contact patch, the part where the tyre meets the road. And our engineers have fully optimised the contact patch on our tyres with revolutionary pattern design and resilient material for different road conditions. Maintaining an optimum balance between the contact patch’s size and grooves in which water in dispersed.

This has been proven time and again by our engineers in laboratories and rigorous road tests, and by championship-winning Silverstone teams on racing circuits worldwide. For maximum safety and confort, nothing must come between your tyres and the road. Silverstone - the science of full contact.

This ensures that every Silverstone tyre gives you a superior grip on the road. Effectively reducing rolling resistance, braking distance and noise, while increasing stability and toughness for your on- and off-road adventures.