At the Toyo Tires Group, we have a commitment to creating new value through innovation in advanced, proprietary technologies so that we continue to be a company admired by individuals and society. To realize this goal, we pledge to act with integrity by observing the following 10 principles.


1. Comply with all laws, regulations, standards and internal rules.

2. Conduct business activities in conformance with the principles of free competition and fair trade.

3. Conduct ourselves with the highest ethical standards in our relations with the government.


4. Strive for the highest levels of quality, safety and societal benefits in our products and services.


5. Ensure a safe and healthy work environment for all of our employees.

6. Promote workplace diversity and inclusion of each employee.


7. Engage in sound, sustainable environmental practices. Society

8. Communicate with stakeholders in an open and fair manner.

9. Contribute to the growth of the local economy and community.

10. Conduct business with respect for human rights, local cultures, and customs.



Report An Ethics Concern The Company does not entertain anonymous reports to mitigate misuse of this reporting tool.



We, at Toyo strive to do business with uncompromising integrity and professionalism. We encourage anyone (including employees, contractors, suppliers, distributors and customers) to report in good faith any issues or concerns about potential ethics, human rights, legal, or regulatory violations, including improper or unethical business practices such as fraud or bribery. We investigate all concerns raised and resolve each consistent with law and Toyo's Code of Conduct. All reports will be in strict confidentiality governed by our whistleblower policy.



Group (Tire Division) is committed to the values of transparency, integrity, impartiality and accountability in the conduct of its business and operations. This policy demonstrates TOYO Group (Tire Division)’s commitment to the highest legal and ethical standards. We integrate the policy into our practices and culture to deter fraud, corruption and mismanagement.

All reports with details of the matters concerned and the report shall be treated in the strictest of confidence and no action shall be taken against the whistle blower in accordance with the Whistle Blower Protection Act 2010.



TOYO Group (Tire Division)’s whistleblowing policy is intended to provide an avenue for all employees of TOYO Group (Tire Division) and members of the public to raise their concern of any wrongful or improper conduct by any persons in the undertaking of TOYO Group (Tire Division)’s business and operations. A disclosure may be made concerning but not limited to any of the followings:

1. Financial malpractice, impropriety, corruption or fraud;

2. Criminal offence;

3. Failure to comply with laws and regulations;

4. Misuse of TOYO Group (Tire Division)’s funds or assets;

5. Improper or unethical conduct or behavior;

6. Sexual harassment;

7. Non-compliance with TOYO Group (Tire Division)’s policies and procedures or any other terms and conditions for employment issued from time to time for the employees and Board Members of TOYO Group (Tire Division);

8. An act or omission which creates substantial or specific danger to the lives, health and safety of other employees or the public or damage to the environment;

9. Knowingly directing or advising a person to commit any of the above wrongdoings; and

10. Attempts to cover-up any of the above matters. 



Any person who wishes to report any wrongful act is encouraged to write to the Prescribed Officer (Group (Tire Division) Legal Advisor) by providing the following information:

1. The specific concern or the nature of the alleged wrongdoing;

2. The reason(s) for the concerns;

3. The background or details of the wrongdoing, including relevant date(s), time, place of occurrence and the identity of the alleged wrongdoer(s);

4. Particulars of witnesses, if any; and

5. Production of documentary evidence, if any. * The Whistleblower may be asked to provide further clarifications and information.



Whistleblowers can make the disclosure in writing , via face-to-face meeting or online reporting at Email:

Any verbal disclosure shall be recorded and confirmed by the whistleblower on a written statement. All written copies shall be kept by the Prescribed Officer in the strictest confidence.

For further enquiries on the whistleblowing policy, kindly contact the Prescribed Officer:

Firm's Name: Chang Kong Foo & Co PLT 202006000012 (LLP0023142-LCA( (AF 0385)

No. 1010, 1st Floor, Kompleks Sri Putra, Seberang Jalan Putra, 05150 Alor Setar, Kedah.

Tel: 04-7312804, 04-7322999 Fax: 04-7342835



When we receive an allegation, we conduct a prompt and confidential review of the issue.

An appointed team investigates and determines the facts of the case.

If the facts support the allegation:

• The employee/s may receive disciplinary action, up to and including, termination of employment.

• Contracts may be cancelled.

• We may seek restitution or take legal action.